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Guide To Buying Diamond Earrings

Diamonds and diamond earrings are among the most valuable and expensive precious stones in existence. They are the hardest substances on earth, measuring 10 out of a possible 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.


How are Diamonds Made?
Diamonds were formed in the Earth millions of years ago under intense pressure and temperature. Volcanic upheavals forced earth containing diamonds to the surface where deposits entered into the rivers and seas.


These precious stones are mined primarily in Africa, but there are deposits in Australia, South America, Russia and Canada.


Diamonds have long dazzled us with their brilliance and romantic symbolism, but because of their value many people mistakenly think diamonds are rare minerals. It is the quality standard, though, that determines their expensiveness.


Determining Diamond Quality
High quality diamonds are beautiful, but costly. Moderately priced diamonds are available, though, and by following certain guide lines when you decide to buy diamond earrings and diamonds in general, you should be able to find a good selection at discount bargain prices.


The quality of diamonds is determined on the basis of 4 separate characteristics: carats, cut, color and clarity. A consideration of these characteristics is necessary when choosing diamond jewelry, and especially when deciding to buy diamond earrings.


The carat is the weight used to measure the mass of a diamond. The value of a diamond increases as does its carat amount.


The cut of a diamond is the way a diamond has been cut and polished from its original state. There are many available cuts: round brilliant cut, emerald cut, lozenge cut, rectangular step cut, Marquise cut, as well as shapes such as oval, pear or heart.


A perfect diamond is colorless, but almost impossible to find. The closer a diamond is to this colorless standard, the greater its value.


A diamond's color is graded by letters, with D, E and F ranking exceptional white diamonds and tinted diamonds ranging from M to Z.


A diamond's clarity is determined by the number of defects within the diamond. The fewer flaws a diamond has, the greater its worth.

Determining Diamond Quality
Many experts say a G-H color diamond appears colorless to the naked eye when mounted, so it is not necessary to spend more on the more expensive D-E-F color diamonds. So too, a diamond of S12 clarity, for example, has no visible flaws and costs less than higher clarity grades.


With only slight compromise in beauty, then, it is possible to buy diamond earrings of quality and at discount bargain prices.


What Style of Diamond Earrings for You?
Face shape and hair style generally determine what style of diamond earrings suits you.


Large earrings on a small face, for example, will overpower the face's fine features.


Similarly, large earrings with a short hair cut can look unbalanced.


Hair worn up piled on the head tends to lengthen the neck. This could be an ideal opportunity to wear drop or dangling earrings.


Diamond stud earrings suit most face shapes and are practical for everyday wear. These earrings can be set in gold or platinum.


We have a large range of different styles of diamond earrings on this website. Browse the pages to find a particular set of earrings to suit your style - and pocket.